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Cute, simple … PERFECT!!! SwimZip offers a FULL ZIPPER rashguard! SwimZip rashguards will keep your infant, toddler, or young child comfortably safe from the sun’s harmful UV rays. SwimZips are so easy to put on and remove, your child will actually ask to wear their zipper rashguard.

SwimZips are a unique swimwear product that make the lives of parents and children better. Rashguards (aka “swim shirts” or “sun shirts”) are UV protective clothing made of bathing suit material. They are ideal for wearing in the water with a bathing suit to help keep sun off the shoulders/neck/torso. They are essentially a swimming shirt to protect skin from the sun. Our rashguards are unique in that they offer a full front zipper! ??

Why the zipper? Well, as any Mama who has put on a tight, stretchy rash guard can tell you, it is at best no fun and more often a tear jerking battle. Rashguards have to be yanked down over a child’s head – often pulling out ponytails and generally scraping/raking down the face. Once you do manage to get it over the head, getting the arms down the armholes would make a professional contortionist proud. By the time the swimwear is on, your child is a fussy miserable mess … not exactly a great start to the long awaited day at the beach! Now, doing the process in reverse when the rash guard is wet and sticky (basically the equivalent of clingy Saran Wrap) is infinitely worse. You literally have to yank and pull and pry and scream to get that dang thing off a writhing toddler. Getting sun protection turns into a huge battle. Forget about relaxing poolside. ??

Not with a SwimZip. Arm in, arm in, and zip it up … SwimZips are that easy. With no neck hole fight, children are out the door in a zip with smiles on their faces. Parents have enough work as it is … the full zipper makes life so much better for everyone! ??

With all the evidence coming out about the long-term consequences of sunburns during early childhood and the links to skin cancer, parents are rightfully more and more concerned with keeping their children sun safe. Parents can rest assured knowing SwimZips block 99% of UVA and UVB rays. ??

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