Xyron Teresa Collins Create a Sticker

$5.99 54% off Retail $12.99

We hand-picked this because: Xyron® has teamed with Teresa Collins to bring you this chic and trendy sticker maker in her signature pink. Make a clean, quick and effective adhesive application with the Create a Sticker Machine. Upgrade your crafting tools with a premium quality crafting device from a

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Dawgs Slip-On Kaymann Girls Shoes

$14.99 50% off Retail $29.99

We hand-picked this because the frost loafer style has sparkle in the fabric so there is no flaking off. The tuxedo shoes are a darling, comfy basic with amazing quality. We are in love!Grab Now

Dawgs Toddler Kaymann Shoes

$14.99 50% off Retail $29.99

We handpicked this because these sweet slip-on Kaymann shoes from USA Dawgs are essential easy summer footwear. Comfortable, cute and affordable — you get the best of everything with these kicks! Grab Now

Mamabargains.com – American Apparel Mamabargains Pride!

On sale now for only $7.00That’s 78% off the retail price of $32.00!MB T’s on the dirt cheap?! Nice! We are giving them to you at our exact cost, so we are not making anything on these! Trust us, you’ll love em’ too! The short sleeve shirts are SUUUUUUPER soft and are made by AMERICAN

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Echo Park Capture Life

$2.99 | $11.25 25% off Retail $3.99 – $14.99

We hand-picked this because capturing life is what scrapbooking is all about. Craft your little moments and big memories with this designer collection from Echo Park. Grab Now

Kidzikoo Freezer Pop & Sippy Cup Insulators

$4.99 | $9.99 25% – 38% off Retail $6.99 – $16.00

We hand-picked this because little hands are sensitive to extreme temperatures, but the Kidzikoo cozies and Kooleez insulators cover up that favorite sippy, sports bottle, glass bottle, or freezer pop in style.Grab Now

thinksport Go Container

$6.99 53% off Retail $14.99

We hand-picked this because: these containers are the perfect size to take everywhere — from the zoo to work. Plus, they are made with safe materials, have separate compartments, and are cute for everyone from kiddos to dad.Grab Now

Leaping Sheep Dryer Ball 4-pack

$17.99 44% off Retail $32.00

We hand-picked this because these are a non-toxic, eco-friendly alternative to fabric softener and dryer sheets. Keep your laundry chemical free, and reduce drying time — doing your part to help the environment!Grab Now

P LOVE Organic Cotton Pajamas

$13.99 50% off Retail $28.00

We hand-picked this because these soft, vibrant, organic cotton PJs are perfect for little loves, with year-round comfort. Grab Now

Studio Calico Mister Huey’s Mists & Masks

$1.90 | $2.99 50% off Retail $3.79 – $5.99

We hand-picked this because Mister Huey’s mists aren’t your big sister’s spray inks. If you haven’t tried Mister Huey’s inspirational line of products, you don’t know what you are missing. Your paper won’t curl and will be dry in no time flat, and most importantly,

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